Gila Springs & Mesquite (GS&M)

GS&M is one of the few Regional Railroads that connects with two Class 1 railroad systems (ATSF, SP) in Arizona at multiple locations. Our service area runs from Tucson, AZ to Phoenix, AZ with branch line connections to regional short line railroads. We also provide daily round trip service from Tucson and Phoenix.

We also provide a shared (ATSF) Intermodal facility at La Grange, AZ. Our service pattern is 7 days per week between the Tucson and Phoenix area. We handle a wide range of commodities that include agricultural products, plastics, paper, copper, steel, lumber, cement and coal. We are one of the top carriers in the produce, grain and feed market, sending many unit trains of products to the US markets each week.

You will find some locomotives in a service still dressed in former colors and road names. GS&M is always adding new units and upgrading older ones to better serve our customers.