Gasconade, Meramec & Southern Rwy.

The Gasconade, Meramec & Southern Rwy. is a freelance narrow gauge short line serving isolated rural communities and lead mines in southeastern Missouri.

The northern terminus of the GM&S is in the freelance city of Monroe, MO where it has freight transfer facilities with the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway. (Frisco) From Monroe the GM&S winds south for 38 miles through the Village of Slate Creek to Galena, which is south staging and is not modeled.   A branch extends southwesterly from Slate Creek to Coalmont, home of the Bear Paw coal mine.  In Monroe the Frisco serves 7 locations and a Missouri Pacific interchange in addition to the GM&S.

Operationally this is a switching railroad with minimal running length between centers of switching activity.  The Monroe Switch job works the GM&S arrival/departure yard at Monroe and the freight transfer facilities in South Monroe.  Mixed trains 47 and 48 work from Galena to Monroe and back, serving Slate Creek and Coalmont.

Slate Creek

Ore Transfer

Service Track

The host runs the passengers and ore extras.  Train movement follows a sequence.  Car forwarding is via switch lists integrated with the job instructions.