Decatur Sub

Bruce Turner Decatur Sub

Length of main line: 102 feet
Layout height: 51 inches
Layout style: walk-in around-the-walls configuration of 17 portable modules
Track: Atlas code 83 flex track with #6 and #8 turnouts; scratch built “Slanser” manual switch stands
Scenery & Structures: some hardshell scenery with plastic kit buildings

OwnerBruce Turner
Locationnortheast Gilbert, AZ
PrototypeBurlington Northern, Norfolk & Western, Milwaukee
LocaleMidwestern U.S.
ForwardingTrain Briefs and colored tags
Control SystemNCE system with wireless ProtoThrottle controllers
Size21 x 24 feet
StyleSingle Level Walk-in ‘L’
CommunicationVerbal, visual rules
Accessground floor, no stairs
Petsone Shih Tzu puppy
Jobs4 (Two-man crews on Decatur Yard, Bentley Turn, Rochelle Turn, and Shuttle)
Crew Size8