UP Wyoming Division

This is an HO layout modeling from Cheyenne to Ogden – 485 miles -with 1,006 feet of double track mains in a 3,750 sq ft building with separate 600 sq ft crew lounge.

There are routes to staging simulating east of Cheyenne (North Platte, Chicago, KC, St. Louis), west of Ogden (LA and Oakland), and single track with sidings OSL to separate staging Portland.

We have long City passenger trains, (LA, SF, Portland, St. Louis) mixed trains, PFE Specials, other through trains – some with in-housesome switching along the way – locals, coal extras, Road Switching trains, switching puzzles, LCL cars, 4 major yards (with a YM and Classification Foreman each). Operators communicate with the Dispatcher over an in-house 16 phone system.

The 1957 era features late steam:
13 Challengers
9 Big Boys
Early Diesels
E and F units
6 Turbines.

A unique and simple four card car forwarding system has single trick car cards, block cards, loco cards, and train orders (for Rule 251D with verbal track warrants, and ABS). Passenger trains run per TT. All freights run as extras, so the operating system is simple to learn and use. The railroad needs 25 plus operators. Don’t plan on standing around; we will keep you busy.

The Wyoming Division will hold its op session on (to be announced) Doors open 9 AM; operations start at 10 AM and will run til 3 or 4 PM.

Sign up is separate from the Desert Ops registration. To reserve a spot and get directions, email: wyodivops@gmail.com

Trackplans can be viewed at the web site: www.wyomingdivision.org