Morristown & Erie RR/ Western Division

The Morristown & Erie Railroad received a charter to operate in 1895. It   was a short line that ran from Morristown to Essex Fells, New Jersey. The Morristown & Erie would connect the industries along it’s line to the Erie at one end and the DL&W at the other end.

The Morristown & Erie- Western Division is used only as a reference from my childhood. Many of the towns depicted on the layout are not along the right away, but are in the geographical region of the M.E. Scenery modeled is from  memories of Pittsburgh, Chicago and parts of the Northeast. The model railroad offers both freight and passenger service utilizing steam and diesel motive power.

Published in 2019 Great Model Railroads magazine 


Layout start date: 1996
Scale: HO (1:87)
Prototype: Freelance
Period / Era: Late 1940
Style: Islands and around the wall
Track: Micro Engineering, code 70
Switches: Shinohara
Switch Machines: 106 circuitron, 4 PFM Slow motion
Turnout sizes: #6,8,10
Size of Layout: 18′ x 32’6”
Layout height: 43” to 53”
DCC Control: Lenz
Max. Grade: 3.5%
Min / Max Radii: 24” / 36”
Configuration: Double Dogbone
Length of track: 600 total feet
Dual Mainline:200 feet
River Route:100 feet
In the Dark: 200 feet
Classification yard: 100 feet
% of completion:85%
Roadbed: Plywood / Homosote & plywood and cork
Benchwork: L girder
Major Industries served: Steel, Paper & Mining